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Meet the Minds Behind Morgan Marketing

Introducing your
new marketing team

Get to know the faces behind Morgan Marketing – a group of enthusiastic, results-driven individuals who are as invested in your business goals as you are.

Comprised of seasoned marketing professionals, each member brings a unique blend of expertise, creativity, and a deep understanding of the construction, engineering, and built environment sectors. 

Jamie Morgan

Jamie Morgan


Introducing Jamie Morgan, the boss who switched from tinkering with wires to wiring up killer marketing strategies. He’s our own digital marketing guru who can craft a marketing plan so electrifying, it could light up a room – no electrical engineering degree required! 💡🚀

Leanne Brooks

Leanne Brooks


Say cheese for Leanne Brooks, our awesome photographer who can turn even the dullest object into a work of art – she’s like a magician with a camera, making boring things look like they belong in a gallery! With her lens, even the most camera-shy office and engineering folks end up looking like rock stars ready for their album cover. 📸🌟

David Coxsell

David Coxsell

Wordpress Wizard

Meet David Coxsell, our WordPress wizard who’s so good at speeding up websites, we’re pretty sure he has a turbo button hidden somewhere! When he’s not performing hosting hocus pocus, he’s likely conjuring up some technical magic to make websites zip faster than a caffeinated squirrel! 🚀🐿️

Debbi Young

Graphic Designer

Meet Debbi Young, the creative genius behind clients captivating visual designs, bringing your brand to life with style and flair.

Paul Fowler

Search Engine Optimisation Specialist

Meet Paul Fowler, our SEO expert, dedicated to optimizing your online presence for maximum visibility and impact, ensuring your business stands out in the digital landscape.

Think of us as your extended marketing family – approachable, dedicated, and a little bit quirky. We’re here to bring our collective skills to your table, turning challenges into victories and goals into achievements.